Liepaja Power Bus

Start new project – engine for VW T2 Bus, over 100Hp ( on owners wish).

First “ingredients” are right there , from CB Performance (USA) -

- 74mm  crank;

- cylinder heads Los Bandito 40×35.5, rebored to 90.5 cylinders;

- MAHLE main bearings;

- MAHLE Double Thrust cam bearings;

- CLEVITE rod bearings;

- Racing pushrod tubes&seals;

- teflon pistons 90.5;

- engine tins&fanshroud Ovali, for double carb using


 Second part of “ingredients” is here – from (UK) -

- Kadron 40/44 EIS double carb set;

- SCAT  C35 camshaft set;

- ELRING gasket set Made in Germany;

- ALU valve covers;

- bracket, for fitting beetle engine in bus


  Third part of “ingredients”  also here – from (D) -

- cylinder&piston set 90.5 x 69 ;

- BOSCH spark plug wires;

- oil sump plate, standard, with oil drain plug

- distancers for Ovali fanshroud


Real show must go on now !!!

At first, clean and prepare stock case for reboring and crankshaft/flywheel/clutch/pulley for ballancing.






To be continued…


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