VW 1200 ’81 Zi-Ma

VW beetle  1981.  1200 ccm

Made in Mexico

named Blue Marinade  (ZiMarināde)

Owner Ivo Ūlis (Riga,LV)

Purchased from another latvian owner, at  2010. end of december, with take-off  (damaged) engine , “too hard” hoodride…, has been sold by previous owner due no more free time, vigour, extra money ( and skills) to keep beetle alive.

With friendly help of Arnox Metal workshop and  BauskaCustomEngines , has been successfully turned back on the road at the beginning of summer 2011.

Upgraded  with stock 1600 ccm engine; lifted-stock-up suspension,urethan bushings;  Mazda121 electric sunroof; ALU wheels; necessary senders&gauges for better control of engine .

As “first” beetle in family garage.



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