Part Two – Engine

Bardaks 067

Part Two – ENGINE

december 2011

Start to clean&restore, after long time stock in dirty backyard, with burning-out fourth cylinder piston.





Stage 1

Engine is washed and cleaned,valves are grinded, all usable original stock parts are prepared for assambling – with another piston group ( to hold equal bodyweight! ), new piston rings, new flywheel silicone bearing, new gaskets,  Pertronix ignition, Bosch Blue 3 Ω coil, silicone spark plug wires, DENSO spark plugs, another heaters&exaust ( was totally rusted and damaged )


Stage 2

Case is successfuly assambled, with new gaskets, new rings. Then follows collector, fanshroud, alternator…


january 2012

Stage 3

Finish ! All works and tests has been done, engine is ready to go to owner.


Stage 4

Engine delivered 29.01.2012 to Ivo, incl CD with photos of resto and test run video !




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