Ezel bug 1968

VW beetle, 1968., purchased in SWE, was owerpainted, w/o stock bumpers and half of interior,  some “papers” also was lost…

Now all documents are OK, and beetle is legal to drive in LV.

Owner Nils Brikers, from Riga(LV)

Engine 1300ccm, has been overhauled from outside – cleaned up, all gaskets and rubber parts has been changed,restored -

- carb (injection tube was lost …and “found its place” in combustion chamber !!!);

- dizzy ( new contacts, another condenser etc);

- another coil ( Lucas 3.4 Ohm);

- another (Beru) wires;

- NGK spark plugs B5H;

- rebuilt-on rear tin ( from 3 different ones, was lost at all…);

- sandblasted & powdercoated,  all tins and something else;

- tested on fire…

Now runs pretty good, and ready to drive !


All photos taken with mobile phone SonyEricsson

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