Monthly Archives: June 2013

Guests from Caramba Garage


Two real beetle fans , from St.Petersburg (RUS), from Caramba Garage, as guests in Powermeower’s Garage, on the way to Slovenia, with their VW bugs !

Short stop for cup of coffee.

Good luck !!!

First BLR beetle in Powermeower’s Garage


Beetle from Belarus, 1976., 1300 SP, all stock, owner Ruslan Rizhikov (Minsk,BLR)

Will be changed  -

- all shocks;

- all wheel brake cylinders, hoses and shoes;

- all steering tie rod ends;

- front wheel bearings;

Engine will be inspected & restored, incl (all car) electrics and oil leak elimination. New 4 1/2J wheels (silver metalic powdercoated), with 185/65 Dayton D110 .


To be continued…