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Happy New Aircooled Year Everyone !

staro rīga

Fenders are available now !!!


beetle rear fenders ,

2 cm inner widened, w/o any holes,


glass fiber ( E-Glass Emulsion Chopped Strand Mat 45O g/m2; polyester resin),

strong, genuine quality made,

2.1 kg @weight ( metal – 4.85kg !).

Made by PowerMeower®


 Price -  200 eur/pair  !!!


Christmas Greetings from Estonia !


Greetings from Latvian Car Register


Christmas Greetings from Germany


Christmas Greetings from Finland

viewer FIN

There will be during this winter ice road “VW race” in Finland in Kotka on 04.02.2012  if we will get snow and – degrees during this winter…
Enclosed picture is actually from our last 2011. winter rally from Kotka when it was -20 degrees and lots of snow as you can see…



Best Regards,

Jani and Hanna from Hamina, Finland

50 Years of Type3 Variant


Merry Aircooled Christmas Everyone !